May 11th, 2018, marks season number 16 in the Express Yourself Art Barn, and in honor of that, we are delighted to continue to offer a seasonal Art Barn membership this year. $29.95 per person for a membership that includes unlimited studio fees for all of 2018. That’s right, come as often as your heart desires, and never pay a studio fee! Studio fees for a single visit remain at $8 for the entire day.

How did the Art Barn come to be? The barn itself was once a home to a peach orchard, with a few farm animals roaming about. Then, for years, the barn sat quietly awaiting its next lease on life. Carole, the owner, spent happy summers in Saugatuck growing up, and brought her family here as well. Then, a busy life in the Chicago suburbs made Saugatuck a rare treat, until a magical convergence of circumstances in life brought Carole and Saugatuck together again, with a dream of creating a serene, colorful and whimsical place where everyone could come to make art…

Having been a craft warrior over the years, Carole had visions of a studio where you felt immediately at home, where you could IMAGINE the possibilities, ESCAPE from the everyday, CHALLENGE your limits and CREATE memories. “If there had been an ART BARN in Saugatuck when my girls were little, well, we would have been here every weekend” says Carole.

While the ART BARN has become her third child, occasionally you will find the other loves of her life, daughters extraordinare Steph and Ashley, their boys - Chris and Jason, granddaughter Sammie, and hubby Ron wandering in and out of the barn.

Wishing you an artful life, and we will see you in the Express Yourself Art Barn!

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Hope to see you soon!

All the best,